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GBS-Autor bei TEDxZurich

GBS Schweiz on Dezember 16. 2013

Michael Moor, Gründungsmitglied und Autor der GBS Schweiz, wurde zu TEDxZurich 2013 eingeladen und sprach zum Thema „Impact through Rationality“. Wir freuen uns das dazugehörige Video nun präsentieren zu können.

We all had those childhood dreams of making the world a better place, didn’t we? So why is it that a lot of people smile at the idea? Some say it is idealistic or even naïve; others say it is too trivial or vague to serve as a goal in life. But how come most of us don’t even bother trying when they are grown up? And how could making the world a better – or indeed a less bad – place be a trivial matter? Granted, it is hard to say what exactly it means to have a positive impact, and there are many different notions of what counts as positive. What’s uncontroversial, though, is that the reduction of involuntary suffering is a very positive, non-trivial and urgent matter indeed. My talk is all about how the application of rationality, critical thinking and scientific approaches can help us figure out how to have the greatest positive impact on the world.