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Charlotte Blattner

hat Rechtswissenschaften studiert und promoviert im Doktoratsprogramm "Law and Animals" der Universität Basel mit einer Arbeit über die extraterritoriale Anwendung von Tierschutznormen.

Do animals need rights?

09. September 2014 von Charlotte Blattner

Prof. William A. Edmundson recently added valuable input to the animal rights debate with his paper “Do animals need rights?”, presented at the conference “The animal turn and the law”, held in Basel, Switzerland, on April 4-5, 2014. Combining philosophy and law, Edmundson has authored the book “An Introduction to Rights” (CUP, 2012), where he developed […]


Animal law from an inter-national perspective

08. März 2014 von Charlotte Blattner

Animal law historically evolved as a field of law that is operated from the domestic level. Consequently, many states view laws on animal welfare as a regime enjoying the status of domaine réservé, i.e. as a protected internal affair. Being a matter of “domestic jurisdiction”, animal law currently escapes authoritative judgment by the international community. […]


Cognitive biases in the law

08. März 2014 von Charlotte Blattner

Judicial decisions and the individual judges behind the judgments are liable to claims of objectivity and impartiality. Given the workload judges face, the vast diversity of subject matter they are expected to master, and – more fundamentally – given the fact that they run on human brains, it comes as no surprise that judgments don’t […]