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Effective altruism for animals: How can we help the most animals with our limited resources? (Basel University Hospital)

Location: Universitätsspital Basel (Klinikum 1, Hörsaal 1), Spitalstrasse 21, Basel

GBS co-president Adriano Mannino will give a talk in the lecture series “Current Topics in Animal Ethics organised by the Institute for Biomedical Ethics of Basel University. 

Effective altruism (EA) is a philosophy and social movement that proposes to use our limited resources (personal energy, time, money) so as to help the greatest number of others to the greatest extent possible. The talk will address the following issues: 

1) Why EA? Which arguments speak in its favour? 

2) Is there a conflict between compassion and rationality – or are they complementary?

3) Why EA extends to non-human animals

4) Why EA necessitates “cause prioritisation”, and why the animal cause should be a political priority

5) Within the animal cause, which donor and activist strategies can be expected to help the most animals? How could current practice be improved?